Sigrid Review: High Five’s All Round

A bundle of contained energy which threatened to explode: it was hard not to confuse Sigrid with a modern-day superwoman. Illuminated by the sparkling sequins, the 22-year-old pop singer thrived on stage, her personality likeable and welcoming as she shared her journey to success and encouraged the young faces looking up at her to fight for what they wanted in life.

The Norwegian songstress rose to popularity following the release of hit single Don’t Kill My Vibe, and her sold out O2 Academy show on Wednesday proved that she has won over the hearts of Scotland. Eight-year-olds to 58-year-olds occupied the vast expanse of the grand hall, all singing along, devoting their attention to the enthusiastic star. Surrounded by a minimal setup, the stage was left for Sigrid to fill with her presence, which she permeated with ease. Jumping off the raised platforms, dancing in the faces of her band and rushing to every corner, she appeared to relish the moment.

A voice which was confident and unapologetic, her music bounced across the many heads which swayed in time to the lush rhythms. Sigrid breathed her music and enthused her electric excitement into the varying pulses, creating a performance which snared and held the rooms attention. She was, however, slightly let down by the figures which surrounded her on stage, who at times appeared to look disinterested and uncomfortable. Though the main attraction was the brunette centre stage, it was disappointing to see her band lacked the same enthusiasm and energy which clearly fuelled their leading lady.

Despite this, Sigrid was faultless, providing a show which was memorable for its charisma and welcoming atmosphere. The setlist took the audience on a journey, teasing with high octane hits High Five and Strangers; the projected cries from Sigrid encouraging her fans to dance, and quieting for the mellow and meaningful ballad Focus, which wrapped the crowd in a shared moment, hushing the animated buzz filling the air.  

Sigrid is a star the audience relates to, someone who inspires and offers a sense of understanding. Her show exemplified her ability to create an experience which was enjoyable but also impactful, her honesty on stage forming a familiarity with the many names in the room. Sigrid’s talent and expressive nature added a raw appeal to her mid-week gig, an appeal that left you with a lasting smile and the need to go home at the end of the night and turn her songs up full blast.


By Charlotte Jane Riley