Five Films To Watch This Summer

Summer: the perfect time of the year to finish your to-watch list of films. Here’s a little help from us with five films you should definitely be adding to your list – if they’re not on there already.

  • The Florida Project


Sean Baker’s new movie is an unforgettable and touching summer tale about childhood. It follows the lives of six-year-old Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) and her turbulent and unconventional mother Halley (Bria Vinai), as they live day by day in “The Magic Castle”, a cheap not-so-magical motel managed by kind-hearted owner Bobby (Willem Dafoe). Near the almost unapproachable Disney World, the film explores different aspects of Moonee’s adventurous summer, as well as the struggles of a much less imaginative life that Halley and Bobby try to make sense of. It is a fresh and poignant look at poverty that transcends the usual portrayal of the American lower class and channels the joy that can be found in difficult circumstances. With exceptional performances from all actors – Prince and Dafoe in particular – and wonderful imagery, The Florida Project is a must watch.

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  • Stand by Me


Based on Stephen King’s short story The Body, Stand by Me takes us to the remote landscapes of Oregon and throws us into the adventure of four young boys in search of a dead body. Chris (River Phoenix), Gordie (Will Wheaton), Teddy (Corey Feldman) and Vern (Jerry O’Connel) perfectly capture the escapism of childhood summers and the incredible gift that is young friendship with all its ups and downs. Stand by Me is perhaps the epitome of summer films.

  • Call Me by Your Name


In the summer of 1983, 17-year-old American-Italian Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and postgrad American student Oliver (Armie Hammer) meet somewhere in Northern Italy, bringing to life one of the most memorable films of the last few years. Call Me by Your Name is a visionary, warm and passionate representation of summer love, perfectly captured by director Luca Guadagnino. Elio’s introverted personality clashes with the over-confident and charming façade of Oliver as the two explore the wonders of attraction, love and heartbreak. Magnifico.

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  • Little Miss Sunshine


The unconventional Hoover family – father (Greg Kinnear), mother (Toni Collette), uncle (Steve Carell), grandfather (Alan Arkin) and brother (Paul Dano) – gets on the road on a dysfunctional (literally) van to help daughter (Abigail Breslin) win the Little Miss Sunshine pageant contest. This unique travel story will make you laugh, ugly cry and ultimately both, as these six unforgettable characters face personal and material challenges on their way to California. A remarkable film with an exceptional soundtrack and performances that will warm your heart.

  • Adventureland


Obliged to take a job at the local Adventureland amusement park, college graduate James (Jesse Eisenberg) knows that summer ‘87 won’t be a memorable one. Instead, he meets Emily (Kristen Stewart), his mysterious and introverted co-worker, whom he quickly develops a crush for. This rom-com with a twist of drama is the perfect summer watch for students.

By Linda Mohamed