Utilize your library

As the exams approach and deadlines bare down your tutors shall recommend you find a place to focus. I would recommend the library and, with that in mind, my personal experience and advice is as follows:

Firstly, take a seat and set up your workspace. Make sure you have everything you’ll need on hand and that it is all easily accessible. Try to get in the library early, and if possible, seat yourself close to the reference material you’ll need. Find a groove and maintain it, it’ll make it easier when you hit a day when you just don’t want to go.

If you’re planning to crack a module and you know it’ll take a while, set aside a few hours, bring some inoffensive snacks and drink lots of water. When you’re in the library, you’re in the brain-gym for a workout, keep yourself topped up and aim for the RDA of 2 litres. Be mindful of the next person who might use your desk, please don’t leave junk behind.

Take advantage of the library’s facilities: there are rooms that can be booked for group study and the staff are there to help you navigate the shelves and archives. Furthermore, the utility of the e-library cannot be understated, even if it doesn’t show up in SUPrimo, try Googling the keywords and use your account to access the document via OpenAthens.

Try to minimize the distractions around you, this may even come down to being alone for long periods of time. When my friends and I went into our finals we would disperse throughout university just to avoid the temptation to talk. If you do want to study in a group, it can be better to develop some key questions by yourself and then meet your friends at the end of the week to discuss.

Finally, be courteous as everybody is here for the same reasons, a little good will goes a long way. If you’re feeling like a break, take your banter away from where others who are working. It’s good for their concentration and it’s great for you, stretch your legs and perhaps get some air (from experience, nobody leaves until at least late afternoon)

By Jack Hanson