Georgie Q&A

Rising rock songstress Georgie hits Glasgow as support for indie folk contemporary Jake Bugg. In this short, albeit sweet, interview with Suvi Loponen, Georgie discusses career choices, tradition, and musical development.

How did you get started and what is your background? I’ve heard you had a choice between a football career and singing, how’s that choice been?

I first picked up the guitar when I was 14, after I [had] heard an Elvis song. I then learnt all his songs, then started writing, and I’d play a gig every night, really. Lots of open mic nights in Mansfield and Nottingham. I just stopped playing [football] after I picked up the guitar. Once I started music I knew exactly what I wanted to do, it was an easy choice.

How has it been supporting Jake Bugg? 

Amazing. He’s a great artist to take a lot of inspiration from too. So yeah, so far, it’s been lots of fun!

What kind of traditions/routines do you have when it comes to preparing for gigs? 

Hmmm, I like to be side-of-stage five minutes before I walk on, so I can soak up the energy of the room.

What has been the best experience about touring with big names such as Jake Bugg, and do you prefer playing to big festival audiences or smaller crowds? 

It’s all been great, Brixton Academy in 2016 was great. That was one ticked off the bucket list. But I’ve loved many of the shows with Jake, probably all of them really. Glasgow was great. Then the Highlands, we did that last year, that was fun, and some of those venues were small. I love all gigs, if it’s 3 people or 3000.

Who would you say has influenced your music?

Lots of those strong women in music, like Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Aretha Franklin, they’re all amazing singers and songwriters. They’ve inspired me massively.

How would you describe your music currently and how do you want to develop it in the future?

I guess it’s honest and direct in terms of what I’m singing about and hopefully that will grow further. The style I don’t know, because I’m influenced by lots of different music. Sometimes I write a pop tune, other days I write a country song. So, I guess, in terms of development I’d just like to get better [and] write better songs that still have the emotion.

What do you have lined up for the future, can we expect a solo tour soon?

Lots more music, so many songs ready for release! A headline tour would be amazing so hopefully!