Loving yourself

Celebrating love, loudly and clearly, has never been more important. So whether you’re single, ‘it’s complicated’, or you’re spoken for, this February 14th should be a day for celebrating love in all its forms, including the love you show to yourself.

‘Self-Love’: it’s the buzzword that’s inspiring Instagram posts and prompting article shares on Facebook, but we don’t practice it nearly as often as we should. Whilst being showered in roses and chocolates is a Valentine’s dream, learning to love yourself is a gift as priceless as they come, and prioritizing self love 365 days a year is doable regardless of relationship status.

If you’ve been stressing out over date night details, or your only date is a deadline, try using this time of year to kick start a self-love regime that works for you. This doesn’t have to be face masks and scented candles. If reading’s your thing, treat yourself to that new book your friend told you about. Is there a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try? Make the time to take yourself out! Has your mind been working overtime on negative thoughts? Call yourself out on it, and remind yourself that you’re doing your best. Run a hot bath and grab some down time with Netflix if that’s how you like to relax, or hit the gym and aim for a new personal best.

Finding balance in your work and play is key to keeping healthy, so set goals, and commit and grind towards them. Your friends can be your greatest cheerleaders; reach out to them if you need a reminder of how great you are, but if you learn to build yourself up on your own, you will become resilient, even when you’re feeling isolated.

The truth is, there are a million ways to practice self-love. Everyone is different, but it is just as important for every person. When it seems the most important new crypto-currency consists of Instagram likes, the pretense of perfection, and shared photos of roses and Michael Kors watches; instead consider investing in yourself and your own empowerment. Everybody deserves love, so try your hardest to love yourself.

By Claudia Scott