The Great Escape!

As we set out into the unknown, great mountains encapsulating us. We hiked for hours, leaving civilization further and further behind. Finally, there was no more road to travel, so we began hiking off track, up the mountain. The higher we travelled the more immersive the experience felt, it gave a great feeling of isolation and yet a great feeling of unity with those around me. With it snowing heavily and the wind picking up, relying on one another became paramount. Hardship and extremes often breed unity with those around us, and of course a great feeling of egalitarianism to come with it. Of course, one should always take safety precautions when venturing into the wilderness, especially off route expeditions.  In saying this, I believe it to be highly advantageous to push oneself into these situations. To me, this type of escapism is healthy and offers one the chance to create unforgettable memories.

Most use alcohol as a way of escaping one’s own reality, why not try something different and venture into the wilds of Scotland? Another great benefit of these type of extreme adventures is that once you get back to the comfort of your car and journey home, everything feels better, the oxygen is richer, your bed is comfier and the food you eat has never tasted so good. With anxiety and depression at an all-time high, I offer this as a potential remedy to these problems, it may not solve your every issue but could prove useful. Give it a go, it’ll be tough, but I can assure you, you’ll thank me.

By Connor Gray