Ten essential films for the Christmas season

With the holiday season coming up, we asked some of our contributors what films they like to watch with all this spare time on their hands. This is the essential guide to holiday movies, chosen by the team at Strathclyde Telegraph!

About Time – John-Anthony Disotto

“About Time is a film that I can watch over and over again and a bit of a guilty pleasure! It’s a lovely film about life, that reminds you to keep on going and to cherish the time you have on this odd planet. Heck, I’d watch this film any time of year, it’s that good!”

The Holiday – Alisa Wylie

“Personally, I love The Holiday because Kate Winslet is incredible in it (the scene where she realises she doesn’t need that guy who’d been using her because she is worthy of respect and love? GET IT, GIRL.) and it’s not too Christmas-sy, because Christmas is shit and overrated.”

The Grinch – Brad Cleary

“The Grinch is a Christmas movie for all the family to enjoy. Was it revolutionary? No.  Was  it is memorable? Absolutely. With Jim Carrey’s incredible performance as the titular character, the Grinch has grown in popularity over the years, due to its combination of  fun and quotable lines.”

The Incredibles – Maisie McGregor

“The Incredibles! There’s a real sentimental joy evoked by Disney/Pixar broadcasts on Christmas Day, and few films capture the imagination of children while also making nods to more adult humour. Themes of love, community and togetherness are perfectly symbolised in the hilariously relatable adventures of everyone’s favourite superhero family!”

Love Actually – Lou Ramsay

“Love Actually is a Christmas film that’s loved across the Internet. No really. If you look on Tumblr or scroll through Buzzfeed, there is a gif of every moment quote-able. And there’s a reason for that. I could tell you. Or you could delve into early 2000’s nostalgia and get why there’s a second film coming this Spring.”

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Blair MacBride

“Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a Christmas film that is sure to aid anyone’s late semester blues. It not only features a belter of an original Christmas song, ‘All Alone on Christmas’, but also has a timelessly funny script and cast. A cult classic and one that you should definitely watch!”

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Innes MacKintosh

“Tenuous but it’s set during Christmas… This is the only appearance of George Lazenby as James Bond. Although typically outlandish at times, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service features one of the best Bond girls ever in the form of Tracy Vicenzo, and it’s her relationship with Bond which makes this adventure a real winner.”

Gremlins – Georgia Curran

“For me, Gremlins is the quintessential cult Christmas film. No frills, no fuss, just a good, old-fashioned black comedy with a stab of B-movie horror, bright lights, a set of rules waiting to be broken, devilish green creatures, glimpses of Snow White, and one adorable mogwai.”

Trollhunter – Emily Black

“Why problem make when you no problem have you don’t want to make?” Sage advice. This hilarious mockumentary set in the wintery forests of Norway has become a staple of my family’s festive celebrations. Trollhunter has it all: wit, suspense, surprisingly good special effects, mystery, and of course, TROOOOLLS!”

Die Hard – Michael Sweeney

“One of my favourite films to watch over the festive period is Die Hard. The shooting and action-packed scenes are good, but the story has a bigger meaning. The struggle of John McClean illustrates the obstacles many people face to be with their family at Christmas. Christmas is about family.”