Scots take on Whitney classic for Cancer Research

Scottish vocalists will perform Whitney Houston’s hit ‘One Moment in time’ to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Many of the vocalists are personally invested as they have had family members affected by various types of cancer.

Glaswegian theatre performer Vincent McKee is leading the initiative. He said: “We want everyone to support us and believe in the power of song.”

Together with Lynsey Brown, Filipa Fallow, Jade McEwan, Kieran Begley and Hazel Cumming, McKee is taking the forefront in the performance although other artists are involved.

“We are thrilled to be raising awareness for Cancer Research UK. We are putting our talents to great use and doing something much greater than ever before” said vocalist Lynsey Brown.

The singers come from a variety of musical backgrounds including Classical, Theatre, Country and Pop and will release the song and music video this summer.