Interview with Will Joseph Cook on drunk cooking and his debut album

By Natalie Lorimer

Lyrically, how have you approached your debut album? Is it an emotional listen? 

Yes definitely, it’s mostly biographical songs. I associate each song with a period in my life quite heavily, I like that though.

Tracks from the album, particularly ‘Plastic,’ carry a Bombay Bicycle Club-inspired sound. Was this something Jack Steadman helped shape when you collaborated in the studio?
It was a track that was very much shaped on my own in the studio first. As I was putting the arrangement together he seemed like the perfect choice for bringing the production up a notch. I loved the indie/dance crossover of the last Bombay record.

You’ve been tweeting about the process of creating the artwork for your album, including a clever inner sleeve design for the vinyl. Was there a particular aesthetic you were trying to go for with the grapefruit cover?
Yeah, it represents the overarching theme of the album. The themes are catharsis and embracing emotions whether they are happy or sad. The blood orange, being bitter sweet, seemed to do this really well. I like how striking and simple it is.

You started writing your own music while still at school. Do you have any tips for students trying to balance their studies with other creative interests?
I personally didn’t study music, I think that was good for me. Keeping my music as a release and escape from school work was something I always tried to do.

You have covered tracks from Childish Gambino, Calvin Harris, and Talking Heads. Which band or artist would you most like to cover one of your own songs and why?
Lil yachty, just to see what happens.

You’re about to play a lot of live dates over the summer months. What are some of the essentials items you like to pack for tour?
One of the best things to have ready is a solid collection of watching material. Simpsons seasons 3 – 10 is already on the hard drive.

Do the jokes about your name ever get old? Will you ever be cooking during a future show?
They’re past old, I’ve entered a new realm with the name jokes. I tried to make a cooking video with my friend but we got too drunk and the footage deteriorated so fast.

His debut album Sweet Dreamer is out now.