Portis Wasp’s dreamlike collages

aPortis  Wasp  is a Scottish freelance artist  and  journalist.  As well as  regularly  writing for MTV and  ASOS Likes, his work can be seen at http://www.myportiswaspsays.com. From making  collages of Kate Moss,  Michael  Fassbender and Gigi Hadid, to covering Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, Peplvm,  and  Paper magazine – he is redefining  art in high fashion.

What would  you say is the biggest inspiration for your collages? American     pop     culture,    fashion photography, and  celebrity.


How did    you    first    become   a collage artist?

I used to make  collages for my blog, which  lead  to me collaborating with a   photographer  by   the   name  of Scott Teitler on a couple of fun projects. Creating collages with his photography  was   the  most   logical way that we could  work together.

Then    about   two    years     ago,    I decided I  wanted to  stop   posting selfies  on my Instagram, so I started to  make   little  collages. I  felt like it was  time  I contributed a little more to   the   world   than   some  shirtless selfies  taken  in a gym  locker  room,
you  know?  After all, there  are  lots  of people on  Instagram that  already  do  that  much better than  I ever could.


What has  been your career highlight?

I  was  recently  asked to create the  cover  for Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan’s  2016  ART Issue which  was  a  real  honour. To be  asked to  work  on  such a  cool  project felt like a real achievement. My cover  was  also  exhibited at Taipei’s International Art Fair this past week as  part  of the BAZAAR exhibition which celebrated 150 years  of the magazine, which was really exciting.

Who is your dream  collaboration?

I would love to work with Steven Klein on a project. I also love Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, I
think she’d  be really fun to work with.


What is the future of your art?

If  my  art  is received as  well as  it is at  the moment, I’ll be happy.

A lot of your collages are Disney-themed- who  is your favourite  character/movie?

I  like Pascal the  chameleon from  Tangled. He  gives  good  side-eye. I  also  really  liked Finding Dory this past summer.

You are also  a celebrity interviewer, how did you get  into this field?

I  initially started interviewing  celebrities  for my  fashion  blog,  and  now  continue to interview   fun  personalities  for  clients   like MTV and  ASOS.

Who would  you say  is your favourite  interviewee?

I don’t  think there  has  been an interview  that  I haven’t  enjoyed, but more recently  I really enjoyed chatting with Ruby Rose, celebrity  stylist Law Roach, and internet darling Baddie Winkle.


How       important        do       you       feel instagram has  been in the digital age?

It  has   been very  important.  Artists  are now able  to reach editors and brands in a way  that   wasn’t   possible  before,  so  in that  sense it has  been a major game changer.   For   myself,    it’s   provided a platform   for  me  to  showcase my  work and  as  a result created countless opportunities for me to explore.

What advice would  you  give  to people wanting  to   break   into   the   world   of collage art?

Be  yourself.   Focus on  creating art  that feels  authentic to  you.  Collaborate  with nice people. And above all, have  fun with it

Full  credits  for  each  image can   be found  on Portis  Wasp’s  Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/portiswasp1d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);