Focus on An Arts Society: Lights, camera, Re-Act!

ReAct Picture


By Zainab Hayet (@ReActStrathUni)

The Strathclyde Re-Act Theatre group was established as the drama society for Strathclyde University and has been a huge success! We’re a friendly and diverse society but more importantly we’re just one big happy family (clichéd, I know, but we run on ready-made scripts!). We meet every Tuesday and Friday 17.00-19.00 and tend to get drinks afterwards, and food if we’re lucky! When we’re not rehearsing for upcoming shows, we hold various workshops which focus on a wide range of drama skills, from voice projection and characterisation to moods and expressions.

As a society we’re supportive and encourage everyone to participate, however some people don’t like the spotlight. Bearing this in mind our society’s workshops are great at building up confidence (the occasional drink from the Yard or Todd’s helps too!) and there are many ways to get involved with Re-Act, other than just acting.

Throughout the year, we hold 2 shows, with one in each semester. This is when the magic happens. The run up to the shows tend to be filled with a bit of chaos, a lot of laughs and a miracle or two. On the day, apart from giving the audience a good show, we also hold a raffle and half the profit made from the raffle and tickets then go to charity.

On 2nd December we’re planning to take you to the second star to the right and straight on to Neverland! That’s right, Re-Act Theatre Group are performing ‘Peter Pan’, directed by Strathclyde student, Kirsty Fyfe. Until then, we’ll be rehearsing scenes, madly revising for exams and creating our very own Neverland. So save the date and we hope to see you at the show!