ReAct’s Alice in Wonderland

AIW pic

Oh hello! Did you fall down the rabbit hole too?

I’m wandering through the woods, trying to find my way to the Hare’s House, but the directions I’ve been given are a little confusing to say the least. I was supposed to take the train to the fifth square… Or was it the sixth? I can’t think clearly here; well, I can say that about everyone in this place. To be honest, I’m still irritated by that Caterpillar- I can recite the poem perfectly well without his instructions, thank you very much! And as for getting used to the nonsense around here, I disagree- it’s just not possible. Oh dear, it’s getting harder to find my way back home- I can’t even remember where the door is! Really, I never should have followed that rabbit…

Want to go on an adventure? Play a game of croquet with the Red Queen? Drink tea with the Mad Hatter? Well, here’s your chance! ReAct cordially invite you to their performance of Lewis Carroll’s well-known, eccentric novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Watch the cast as they bring this beloved tale to life and join Alice as she chases a white rabbit, argues with a caterpillar and looks for the dearest part of her. Directed by Strathclyde students, Jane Skortune and Craig Edmond, and adding a hint of Tim Burton gothic to colourful costumes, bold make-up, and a twist or two, this play promises to captivate its audience with its quirky characters and even stranger plot! Curious yet? Then join the madness in Vertigo (Strathclyde Union) on Friday, 29 April 2016 and perhaps we’ll find out why a raven is like a writing desk?

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