VPSW Elections: Interview with Murray McLean


What do you think is the biggest problem facing sport/wellbeing at Strathclyde and how do you plan to resolve that problem?

For sports clubs, the issues revolving around kit. Our supplier not living up to the promises they make and kit arriving much later than most teams expected has been the most prominent issue this year. I want to ensure that there are stricter and clearer terms in the contract which will insure that our supplier live up to the expectations we have of them. For Wellbeing, the lack of facilities to accommodate students on campus for long periods of time who wish to eat a healthy diet and prepare there own food. More water points around campus, kettles and microwaves etc in buildings.


How does your previous experience in the Union qualify you for the role of VPSW?

I am currently an active member or 5 different sports teams; Swimming, rowing, surfing, waterpolo and skiing. Each of these clubs are very different, meaning that I have experience with both large and small clubs, clubs that are dependent on the CSR and clubs that require use of campus facilities, clubs that require a very large budget to function and clubs that don’t necessarily need as much.


What do you offer that the other candidates don’t?

My massively varied experience means that I am aware of the different issues that face sports and understand how to accommodate their needs.


What has this year’s VPSW done well and what needs to be improved?

Ann-Marie has done a fantastic job running the sports union this year and having spoken to different teams I understand that they have been very happy with how things have gone this year. The one thing which I would like to see more of is interaction and integration with the other areas within the Union, so that the sports union does not exist as a separate entity but we have a more unified, closer student union


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