Album Review: Milk Teeth – Vile Child

Album Review - Milk Teeth - pic

By Fraser Bryce


It’s about damn time a band like Milk Teeth showed up. For the past few years, rock music has become increasingly sterile, with far too many bands choosing to streamline their sound for the mainstream, be it younger bands or some of the big names – I’m looking at you, Bring Me The Horizon – and sacrificing anything that sets them apart from the crowd. So when I first heard about Milk Teeth through the That’s Not Metal podcast, I just had to listen to them. A band that actually sounds like a band? Madness.

In all honesty, it’s the stripped back approach that makes Milk Teeth’s debut, ‘Vile Child’, just so damn thrilling. Opening track ‘Brickwork’ displays the band’s dual vocal approach, with bassist Becky Blomfield handling the melodic side – in what is a really incredible performance – and the now departed guitarist Josh Bannister delivering the throat-shredding, hardcore-influenced side. Not your average pairing, I know, but trust me, it works. ‘Driveway Birthday’ is probably my high point on the album, with the ebb and flow of the verses and choruses making it a really beautiful piece of music. ‘Burger Drop’ is pure grunge, and ‘Brain Food’ picks up the pace for one of the album’s most punk moments.

Some of the best moments of ‘Vile Child’ come when the band turns down the volume. While songs like ‘Get A Clue’ are great if you want your brain to rattle around in your skull, the more atmospheric moments like ‘Swear Jar (Again)’ and the trippy closing track ‘Sunbaby’ are when the band’s talent shines through.

‘Vile Child’ is a force of nature. Every song is brimming with energy, and the raw production makes it feel like you’re listening to the band playing in their garage. The music scene needed a breath of fresh air like Milk Teeth, and they delivered in spades. ‘Vile Child’ is one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in years, and, hopefully, it marks the start of bands going back to making music that they want to make, rather than what sounds acceptable on Radio One. In any case, Milk Teeth are one to watch, and you all need ‘Vile Child’ in your lives.