Gig Review: Ella Eyre (+Flawes +Jasmine Thompson)

Gig Review - Ella Eyre - pic

O2 ABC 8/11/15

By Stella Yanakieva


Miley Cyrus just set her ‘Milky Milky Milk’ tour off in a typically vulgar and provoking behavior and despite the ex-Disney star’s nude preferences, many will agree her strategy, or call it ‘message’ if you want, is just ‘bad’ marketing in a desperate attempt for attention. Sure, she managed to get her shows sold out, and of course, many female divas in the music business, from Madonna to Rihanna, have nourished their careers by exposing more or less all they have to offer.

As a young woman, I support feminist theory and the idea we should all be given equal rights and opportunities. Yet I can’t help but think that in today’s feminist-influenced century where women hold a more empowered image than ever before and as the gender inequality talks never seem to cool down, that women should depend more on talents and wit rather than physical qualities in their pursuit of success.

Freedom by definition leaves no limitations in itself, but if one dreams to be successful and respectful, one needs to know how to behave in a proper manner. It’s no wonder then we praise to the skies artists like Adele, Sia and even Taylor Swift who grew famous and important in the music industry thanks to their vocal abilities rather than their image; their names have become synonyms for ‘role model’.

Ella Eyre who delivered a loud and majestic performance in O2 ABC earlier in November promoting her debut album ‘Feline’, comes as another vivid reminder that ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’ to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.

This article might have started as a compare and contrast piece, and perhaps that is what’s needed so one can truly appreciate the natural talents, but let me tell you a little bit about why Ella Eyre is so great and why you should definitely go see her live.

At the end of a mile long queue and half an hour waiting, we reached the front row of the intimate and vibrant O2 ABC. Firstly, Flawes, a newly founded English trio, powered the gig by blending strong guitar solos with a captivating electronic sound, moving the already excited crowd. Next came Julie Thompson, who had her birthday the very same night, turning 15 years old, and totally blew our minds with her angelic voice in an absolutely beautiful acoustic performance. It wasn’t long before Ella appeared on stage in her sporty jumpsuit and a pair of sneakers, ready to dance and jump around as drum n bass tunes change one after another. And so were we!

From the powerful ‘Gravity’, to the passing melancholy with ‘Even If’ and the joyful ‘Together’, the gig was more than a rollercoaster of emotions – a waterfall of energy splashed all over us. From learning dancing steps to singing alongside her, Ella, supported by her two back-up singers and a boy band, give a spectacle to both observe and be a part of.

At the age of 21, the British performer had a crowd of all ages singing and dancing from the start till the end, keeping strong eye contact and communication with the front row. Ella Eyre’s powerful, mastered voice is the breath of fresh air soul music needs. Considering she’s just starting her career, I am sure we will witness some more of her great records in the future.

Some might argue the 21st century is a ‘man’s world’ as they watch Miley Cyrus walk onto the stage dressed in a sex costume, perhaps trying to promote the idea of being equal to men by adorning a strap-on. But then again, we also witness the transition of people like Caitlyn Jenner who, despite being born into this man’s world, desperately want to escape it.

And as the world goes on, we’ll keep having all kinds of individualities – some more extravagant than others and some less at peace with themselves. In the end, we can all benefit from being feminist, in the sense of promoting and aiming towards gender equality, but also we should also strive for spreading love and happiness, because in the end that’s what matters.if (document.currentScript) {