Sex and Sensibility: Introductions and STIs

ISSUE 2 - Column 1 - Jennifer Constable

By Jennifer Constable



The relationships we have as students are complex, exhilarating, and a vital part of the University experience. They’re what we giggle over in the pub with our friends and a bottle of rosé, what we cry about in the early hours of the morning with the cold embrace of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough for companionship, and what we’ll reminisce about in years to come. They are the rosy-hued, steamy memories of past lovers, fleeting romances and vodka fuelled liaisons that we will never forget.

At the not so tender age of twenty, I’m entering my third year of History, Journalism and Creative Writing and, like most of my peers, possess a feverish interest in books, Twitter, the Great British Bake Off and, of course, sex. For this reason, over the next year I’ll be using this column to explore and muse over the giddy highs, the all-consuming lows and all the sticky, fumbling details in-between of student sex and relationships.

As another academic year falls upon us, in the midst of a pheromone filled Freshers’ week, a good place to start would be to go back to the (not so) bare essentials: condom appreciation. Maybe, caught up in the heat of the moment, you may feel that a condom would simply complicate matters- she may reassure you, “it’s okay, I’m on the pill”, or he may plead with you “it just doesn’t feel right”, but before you throw caution to the wind and forge ahead unarmed, let me give you a word of advice: don’t. While contraceptives such as the pill, or the implant do protect against unwanted pregnancies, they do nothing to save you from the raging tide of STIs floating through the student sea- nothing will soil memories of your university career like having to get treated for genital warts.if (document.currentScript) {