Strathclyde launches Emergency Housing Support Fund

The University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (USSA) have created an Emergency Housing Support Fund with Strathclyde University.

The annually recurring fund of £10,000 will be available to Strathclyde students from the summer.

The fund was launched in recognition of the rising living and housing costs for students and offers students a safety net if they cannot afford to pay all of their rent.

Gary Paterson, Strathclyde’s President said the USSA will be promoting the fund to students in the summer and “what’s left of the fund will be there for the rest of the year.”

“As someone who has found themselves being made homeless whilst a student I know how difficult it is to face either dropping out and being able to access benefits or struggling in terrible conditions with a lack of support and opportunities.

“This fund will go some way to providing some support to students who find accommodation difficulties across the summer and beyond; we hope it demonstrates the need for action to ensure students are supported all year round, and have access to emergency housing support when needed; both of which are not currently the case.”

Dr Veena O’Halloran, Director of Student Experience and Enhancement Services, said the University is “committed” to supporting students during their studies and to “ensure they have the best possible student experience.”

“We work in close partnership with our USSA colleagues to address students’ needs and are delighted to establish this fund to support those students who encounter housing problems. Our Emergency Housing Support Fund will enhance students’ experience at Strathclyde.”

Paterson added: “We commend the University of Strathclyde for its commitment to the student experience, and for its work in broadening their support offering to students.”document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);