Students paying huge premiums for accommodation

(4) Students paying huge premiums for accommodation


By Victoria Black


Students are paying huge premiums for accommodation in Britain’s cheapest cities, according to recent research.

New figures by student portal revealed that students are struggling financially with high accommodation fees.

The research comes weeks after activists called for new rules over the prices of housing, after it was revealed that students are spending approximately 95% of their loans on rent.

StuRent’s analysis of 25,572 student properties across 51 cities in the UK, has revealed that in certain cities, students are paying up to 36% more for their accommodation than non-students living in the same areas.

The students who are feeling this financial pressure the most live in Loughborough. On average, the students in this city pay £80.21 per person per week (pppw) for accommodation whilst the average price for non-student accommodation is £58.94 pppw.’s research calculates that students in Loughborough are being charged a colossal 36.1% premium just for being a student.

London is one of the most expensive cities to live in with the average London student spending £287 per week on accommodation, food, university supplies and travel.

However, the top 10 premium cities are found north of the midlands.

Behind Loughborough, the top three cities for worst premiums are Durham in which students are facing a 31.8% premium, Lincoln which boosts a 27.6% premium and Huddersfield with a 27.4% premium.

These cities are closely followed by Middlesbrough, Hull and Bolton.

However, this trend is not reflected in Scotland.

According to’s data, the majority of the main Scottish student cities are renting property at a reasonable discount, with the exception of Dundee which raised its fees for halls by £750 from 2009 to 2012.

Contrary to students studying in North England, students in the South are enjoying accommodation at a discount, compared to the prices paid by non-students living in the same area.

Reading boosts a whopping 39.2% discount as students pay £80.78 pppw in areas where the average accommodation price is £132.75 pppw.

Reading is closely followed by Oxford where students relish in a 32.63% discount.

London totters marginally behind Reading and Oxford, where even though students are paying £202.40 pppw on average, they enjoy a discounted rate of 32.4% over non-students, who have to dig out an average of £229.40 pppw to live in equivalent areas.

These successes are followed by Brighton, Bath, Bournemouth and Edinburgh.

Co-Founder of, Tom Walker, commented: “The most fascinating outcome of StuRents’ in-house research is that the story of the most expensive student towns, as defined by which towns have the highest average per-person-per-week rent, is incomplete”.

He added that “the average overall price pppw in the 10 cities with the highest premiums is £63.04. The average price for the 10 cities with the biggest discounts however is £143.64”.

In accordance with Walker, it seems apparent that the cities in which prices are relatively low, students are happy to pay accommodation premiums.

On the contrary, the cities in which accommodation can be highly expensive for students, costs have been cut elsewhere.

Glasgow boosts a discount of 15.06% for students pay £89.46 pppw on average in comparison to the £105.32 pppw paid by non-students.}