Strathclyde students launch facilities improvement campaign

The University of Strathclyde Halls Committee and the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association have jointly launched a campaign to improve facilities for students living and travelling on campus.

Students are campaigning for recycling bins inside flats and outside accommodation buildings, increased & improved number of washing machines in halls, and cycle & locker storage on campus for traveling students.

Gary Paterson, USSA President said, “Strathclyde is a unique institution with 70% of our students commuting to uni everyday and a large student accommodation body on campus, but there is little provision for travelling students and the facilities for those living at Strathclyde need improved.”

“Most institutions already have the things we are asking for; recycling bins in flats and by accommodation buildings, lockers and bike storage, and a good volume of machines away from the main village hub. Strathclyde is doing well on sustainability and services in parts but we need to see improvements in student facing areas.”

Jusryn Ee, Halls Convener said, “The welfare of students living in halls has always been our utmost priority. Apart from organising social activities, we strive to improve students’ lives by campaigning on relevant issues such as safety and security, saving energy, and healthy eating.” 

“Based on a recent survey we conducted among halls, the standard of washing machines and recycling in halls have proven to be the two biggest concern to students. We want the university to listen to our demands for basic facilities being improved on campus, and we’ll be working with USSA to make sure they do.”

The University currently does not have any recycling bins within flats and has few refuse bins for recycling on campus. Students have continued to raise concerns about the current washing machine provision away from the Todd’s hub with USSA last year arguing there was not enough machines to cater to all students in certain blocks.

The University has very limited cycle space on campus which has left students to chaining bikes against railings in insecure locations. Students travelling to university have to transport many books and equipment and have raised issues with USSA about the lack of personal storage on campus.

Students can sign the USSA Petition online at