Best to Binge Watch: Bob’s Burgers

By Nicola McFadyen

There’s nothing better than spending a lazy Sunday in front of Netflix (or Amazon Video if that’s your preference) and proceeding to spend ten hours of your life watching a full series of the same show. If Netflix comes up asking “are you still watching…?” you know you’re doing something right.
I have always been quite open about the fact I love an adult cartoon…Happy Tree Friends, Family Guy, American Dad, you name it, I’m involved. Bob’s Burgers, a similar cartoon, came into my life quite by accident. I’d seen many tumblr posts dedicated to it, seen people quoting it all across social media, and decided I wanted in on some of that. Cards on the table, Bob’s Burgers is one of the funniest programmes I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Each series is split into twenty minute episodes, and follows the day to day life of burger restaurant owner Bob Belcher and family, with each story focusing on one thing that’s gone horribly wrong for the family each time. The characters are so engaging, and everyone will be able to relate to at least one of them (for myself, it’s the youngest child, Louise) which makes the show altogether more enjoyable. The humour is fast paced and while it’s not always subtle, it’s definitely laugh a minute, with plenty of tumblr worthy one-liners (every second scene is a potential GIF!!)
The show also contains one of the best original soundtracks going, with some of the most amusing songs I’ve ever heard (including Linda’s “Thanksgiving song” which can be found on YouTube) which again, adds to the overall charm of this show. For all day Sunday viewing, I can’t think of a better show to dedicate your time to than this quirky, lovable comedy, and with three series already available to stream, you won’t be running out of binge-watching material any time soon!!