Sir Tom Hunter discusses Scotland’s future at ‘New Enlightenment’ lecture series

By Kirsty-Louise Hunt

Scotland’s future following the independence referendum was the key focus of the latest debate in the prestigious ‘New Enlightenment’ lecture series at the University of Strathclyde.

Sir Tom Hunter, who is currently a Visiting Professor at the Hunter Centre for Entrepeneurship at Strathclyde Business School, launched the lecture series earlier this month with the aim of inspiring and encouraging debate on how Scotland can improve its economic and social standing.

The ‘New Enlightenment’ series aims to capture the spirit of enterprise, renewal and growth which marked the first Scottish Enlightenment and which laid the foundations for the modern age. The lecture series aims to show how Strathclyde, which was the only Scottish University founded during the enlightenment period, still has an important role to play in the shaping the world of tomorrow.

Sir Tom Hunter said: “Scotland should be a nation where renewal is at our core, innovation our mantra, education our rockbed where, no matter our postcode, colour or creed, opportunity is favoured upon all.

“Scotland’s future is in all of our hands; we need to stand up and be counted and deliver for the future of this proud, proud nation. Do what we have always done and we will be defeated; innovate, experiment, aim high, aim long and I do believe we can reinvent the modern world.

“Ambition, excellence and care – we need dreamers, we need doers, we need innovation. Most of all we need to believe – believe we can do and we will do.”

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School was founded in 2000 through a generous endowment made by Sir Tom and the Hunter Foundation.} else {