Rome marathon opportunity

Rome hosts its marathon in March next year, a synthesis of athletic challenge coupled with fantastic sightseeing will be afforded to the 11,000 runners expected to arrive in the eternal city in 2014, taking in the Coliseum, the Vatican and St peters square along the route- the ideal justification for slowing your pace to a lax jog when the intensity starts to kick in. Strathclyde are looking for more participants to travel to the city next March, running the 26 picturesque miles in support of the Association of International Cancer research. The team will spend 4 days in the city before the race starts, taking in historical and cultural excellence in one of Europe’s most eminent cities before they have to undertake the taxing challenge.

Starting at the Via dei Fori Imperiali, adjacent to the Coliseum, you will pass landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain,, Saint Peter’s and the Pantheon, though photo opportunities will be few and far between for the runners looking to complete the race with a good time the 4 days spent in the city before the race will allow for each individuals inner-tourist to satisfy itself, over and over.

Each competitor will raise money for the Association of International Cancer Research- the world’s leading charity in funding cancer research anywhere. This year alone the AICR is funding over 211 different research projects in 22 countries around the globe. It is independent donations and initiatives which allow the AICR to continue funding research into the enigmatic disease of our generation The Rome marathon will be an extraordinary experience for those involved, make yourself a part of the team which may be heading out next March by contacting the Sports Union for further details.
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