Local Focus – Campfires In winter



Campfires In Winter hail from a small town called Croy about 15 miles outside of Glasgow. You wouldn’t expect such a quiet wee town to produce a band that can make such a wonderful racket on stage. Boab, Wullie and Scott have been music together for almost eight years and drummer, Denny joined the band in 2010 to add an extra punch to their live shows. The best way top try and describe their sound is post rock with a pop edge. They have that ‘big’ sound that post rock bands have but they also have the hooks and melodies that make their songs stick in your head for days. The band have released a number of EPs over the years and on March 7th they will be released their first ever single with a video and everything! The band have always went at a steady pace and produced some great music but it looks their going to take it up a gear in 2013 and I can’t wait to hear the end result. I caught up guitarist and frontman, Boab for this month’s local focus.

Describe your sound in five words?

Pure loud and heavy melodic.

You guys have just released your new single. In the past you have just released EPs, what made you want to do a single?

As you say we have released EPs in the past as well as numerous demo collections. This time we wanted to do an official release to build towards an album release so thought that a single might be a good way to get that started.
Talk us through the video for the single, did you guys have a lot to do with the directing side?

No, we really didn’t. We met with the director, Oscar Sansom, and let him hear the song. Our only stipulation was that we wouldn’t have any members of the band in the video. We met again shortly after that and he told us a few of his ideas. We decided on one and then let him get on with it. We gave him a blank sheet to work on, essentially.
Where is your favourite place to play in Glasgow and why?

I can’t speak for the rest of the band but my favourite place at the moment is probably Bloc. Any time we’ve played there it’s just been great, really busy and we’ve always had a brilliant reception. So aye, we’ve always had good experiences there.

What else have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

After the single launch we’re playing A Quiet Night In festival on April 6th which takes place in various venues at the top of Sauchiehall Street. Then we’re playing the Oran Mor with The Twilight Sad and Meursault (plus many others to be announced) on Sunday 23rd June to bring the West End Festival to a close. In between that we’ll be away for a few days up north recording our EP for its release in the autumn.