Talented Strathclyde student, Emily Evans, releases new single ‘Perfect Match’.

By Rhianna McGhee

Emily Evans is a 4th year Marketing student at Strathclyde whilst also trying to pursue music. Her new single ‘Perfect Match’ came out on Friday 29th September.

The single can be found on Spotify and Apple Music and is the second release by the talented singer, the first being ‘Rut’, another great song. ‘Perfect Match’ has also achieved its first BBC Radio play on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal. This is a huge achievement for the up and coming singer!

It goes without saying that Emily’s singing is quite stunning, her voice is simultaneously mellow and powerful and this is clear in this new release. ‘Perfect Match’ carries the initial representation of a traditional pop song that would hit the charts today. On first listening to this track, I couldn’t help but hear a similarity to Pale Waves or Beabadoobee in her subtly elegant vocals. From continuing to listen, you can hear Emily’s delicately beautiful personality coming through. The ambivalent title, ‘Perfect Match’, coupled with Emily’s transcendent vocals facilitates an individualistic approach to current pop culture and female artists. This was such a refreshing piece to listen to and is easily something we could be hearing on current chart lists.

Taken from the singer herself, Emily says that ’Perfect Match’ “is about wanting somebody you can’t have and the absolute heartbreak that it causes. The song is a journey of falling for someone that isn’t available until it is too late to have ever known what the future would’ve looked like if they were both available at the same time.” This description really comes through in both the lyrics and the passion by which they are sung.

Emily has quite the capacity for experimenting with music and has been writing in her bedroom on a 10 year old Yamaha keyboard she got from Gumtree. This is both refreshing and situates the new artist amongst many who are trying to break into the music business. What amplifies Emily’s success is in her great team and her ability to work well with her producer. Emily admitted, “I then go to my producer who brings it to life and adds depth to the track. We then listen to it what seems to be a million times to make sure it is ‘perfect’ and then I create a marketing plan for socials and get ready for its release on all streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Studying Marketing as my degree really is useful at this point.” From this it seems like she is really on the right track to success!

Emily went on to further tell us, “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I loved putting on performances for my family when I was younger in the living room. This then carried into Primary and Secondary school where I’d always play my own songs at talent shows and expressive art shows.” It is clear that music is a deep passion for Emily and something she truly loves to do. In turn, I expect to see her thriving in the not so distant future!

Finally, upon asking about Emily’s inspirations and, in fact, her aspirations, she responded with: “My future goals are to release more music that people can connect with and feel emotion. I’m booking more gigs and would love to play at festivals next year as they look like so much fun. My ultimate dream is to write a song with Lewis Capaldi (very ambitious) but for now more music is on its way.”

Emily Evans is one to watch, she is going to go extremely far. Between her drive and pure talent, her success is inevitable. She is a ‘Perfect Match’ for the music business.