New semester, new you: societies and sports to try this year

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By Leah Buist

Attending class and submitting coursework is for many only a fraction of the university experience. The last two years aside, university life is typically jam packed full of activities, events and nights out on the town. There are many ways to get involved in uni life and the University of Strathclyde has no shortage of clubs and societies to join, with a diverse range of over 200 different clubs and societies that students can choose from.

It is never too late to join a society either. No matter if you are in your first or final year – societies are always open to new members and are a great way to meet new people and discover new hobbies (or rediscover old ones!).

Wondering what society you should join? We have reached out to a mixture of different clubs to showcase the variety Strathclyde offers and find out a little more about each society.

#1 Strathclyde’s Musical Theatre Society

When asked to describe themselves they say: “At SMTS we value our members above everything else, we strive to be a safe space for everyone, a place where people can make friends, have fun and do something they love!”

“We are proud to say that at SMTS we have an open chorus policy, meaning that anyone can join and get involved, no audition needed, no matter their experience!”

This semester SMTS are putting on their first ever full show of Fame the musical. Performances will take place in June and further information can be found on their Facebook page.

#2 Band Society

The Band Society say they create “a welcoming and friendly environment where all musicians and music enthusiasts can come together to play, listen to, and get lost in all that music has to offer.”

They added: “Whether you haven’t ever picked up an instrument, or you are a musical prodigy; there is a place for everyone here at band to form friendships, memories and skills that will last a lifetime.”

Society present Rory Gillespie says that, “myself and the rest of the society always love welcoming new members, so if you or someone you know has even the faintest musical interest, then come along and enjoy a drink and some great music.”

The Band Society host casual weekly jam nights at The Venue in the Union from 7pm-9pm every Thursday. Here students can go along, enjoy music, have a drink and relish the company of others.

#3 Strathclyde Pole Fitness Society

If you are into keeping fit and active, the Strathclyde Pole Fitness Society provides a unique and interesting way to do so.

Membership includes weekly pole classes from professional instructors as well as regular social events.

A spokesperson for the society said: “We know pole fitness might seem daunting at first, so we do everything we can to create a really supportive and friendly class environment for everyone.”

“Anyone can join, regardless of fitness level, gender, or size and we think people should join because it’s a great way to get involved in a new sport and have great fun in the process.”

The society also provides opportunities for members to display their progress during the summer showcase and at an annual competition.

You can find out more information and get in contact with all of the mentioned societies by following the links in the article and contacting their Facebook pages.

#4 Strathclyde Brewing Society

Strathclyde’s Brewing Society describes themselves as “first and foremost, a way to connect and meet new people”.

“We have regular meetings at pubs such as The Howgait, Drygate and WEST where we try our best to have fun while talking all things beer, brewing, and alcohol. Prior knowledge of any of these topics is not expected and we welcome anyone who is keen to just come for a drink.”

The society also outsources a brewery every year to brew their own beer and even bottle it themselves.

“We are hoping to do the same this year” they say, “after which we can meet up and drink the whole batch. Not only is it a worthwhile experience, but it also produces some of the best bottled beer you’ll have.”

#5 Strathclyde Snowsports Club

Ross Patterson, the President of the Strathclyde Snowsports Club, told us what becoming a member is like.

He said: “It’s a great way to make pals and meet new people. It’s called a skiing club but it doesn’t matter if you can ski or not, so many people come on the trip who haven’t skied in their life.”

The society usually host an annual ski trip abroad which anyone can attend. This year the destination is French ski resort Les Arcs.

Ross says that, “a lot of people who are thinking of coming on the trip are worried they won’t know anyone or come by themselves, but I just stress how much you become pals with people over the course of seven days.”

“A lot of Strathsnow is drinking and the social aspect of it. We have big parties and socials and the trips are so silly and so much fun.”

#6 Strathclyde Book Club

For some students, their idea of relaxation may take the shape of a novel rather than a pair of ski’s.

Bethany Spain, the President of the Strathclyde Book Club says, “I think book club works because its relaxed! We do a book every week but members aren’t expected to come every week, just the weeks that have book they’ll enjoy.”

“We do encourage people to join in as much as possible though” she continues, “especially if they want to expand the genres and styles they read. All books are suggested and voted on by members so we’ll really read anything.”

Meetings take from 5-7pm every Tuesday at Poets Corner, located in the Learning and Teaching building.

You can find more information and contact all of the mentioned societies through their Facebook pages which are linked in the article.