I’ll be okay

Lead Image Credit: Nick Fewings via Unsplash

By Sofia Naydenova

What I’ll want? A pint of beer
And tell the world, for me, I’m here!
I survived the morning, saw through the dark
That means I’m stronger and I’m back.

The car started, the heater and the radio work
Wipers clear my view and warm inside I lurk.
I’m already driving myself enough insane
Through the motorway of my own brain.

But today is different, I can feel it.
I’m slowly moving in this life and I can see it.
I’ll praise myself with a cup of coffee at work
And remind myself how I am my own perk.

But if tomorrow, when the morning comes
The car is broken and my radio is numb.
That will be okay, I still won’t be a fraud
Cuz I’ll sing my own song in my own train of thought.

And if later that day, the coffee is too hot
And I can’t get anywhere with my job.
And if even more bad news come my way
I promise you, I’ll still be okay.

Because I’ll know, that even though
Sometimes I might be lacking
And from time to time I might be cracking

I’ll always keep in mind, a thought of great kind
That life is still moving, it’s still tracking
And that day where everything was fine is still backing.

P.S.:  We are all mentally dealing with this somehow and some people have it really hard but we should always remember that even one good day is enough to remind us that better moments exist and they are the ones that keep us alive.