Strathclyde elects first female Union President in 14 years – results round-up

By Daniella Theis

Strath Union’s new student executive team has officially been announced during the results night at UWS Students’ Union last night, with Kayla-Megan Burns becoming the first woman in charge of Strath Union since 2006.

Heading the team as the new President will be Kayla-Megan Burns, previous VP Community and the first female to take up the top student executive position at Strath Union since Katy McCloskey in 2005/06. After the results were announced, Burns thanked voters and supporters of her campaign.

She said: “I have had an absolutely amazing year as VP Community. I am beyond excited to have an amazing year as President. This is me getting started now – it is on! It is so hard to know how elections will go, and I am absolutely chuffed. Thank you to everyone who voted and campaigned for me.”

The announcements saw Ruaridh Wallace take up the role as VP Community, Benn Rapson as VP Welfare, Chelbi Hillain as VP Education and Eilidh Sneddon as VP Sport. The results night also saw Rachel Cairns getting re-elected as VP Inclusion. Cairns also thanked everyone that voted, saying that she was “speechless and so excited.” Cairns is looking forward to her time working with the incoming team, and especially with Kayla-Megan Burns again.

Speaking with the Telegraph, Sneddon stated that she was “excited for the year ahead”, while Wallace described the weeks campaigning as the “most intense” weeks of his life. Wallace further admitted that “the real hard work starts now” and that “over the next year, we are going to get so much done to make Strathclyde better for us.” Rapson stated he will not let his voters down and that he “will fight every single day I am in office.” Rapson further proclaimed: “Together we will make change happen!”

New VP Education Chelbi Hillan, who was not able to attend the ceremony due to personal circumstances, still spoke to the Telegraph after the results were announced.

She said: “Thank you to everyone who voted for me as your new VP Education! I won’t let you down, and I’ll try my very best to fill the amazing Eyram’s shoes. I can’t wait to get started and make my manifesto come to life.”

The night also saw the announcement of the volunteer representative positions of which a full list can be found below, as well as Strath Union’s website.

Your Faculty Reps are:

Business – Victoria Welsh
Engineering – Marc Schachtsiek
HaSS – Emily McIlhatton
Science – Andrew Merchant

Your Non-Executive Officers are:

Democracy Convenor – Kyle McGettican
Disabled Students’ Rep – Aspen Lynch
International Students’ Rep – Anna McKinley
LGBT+ Rep – Vinny Williamson