Strath Election 2019: Endorsements

After weeks of meetings and deliberation the Strathclyde Telegraph Election team has come to a decision on who they believe are the right candidates to warrant your vote in Strath Elections 2019. Here’s a rundown of who you should be voting for and why.

* Our criteria for endorsement required a majority vote of 5 from the 8 election team members present. We based our votes on the research and discussions we have had throughout the course of the last month. 

President – Matt Crilly

Matt has a proven track record as current president of Strath Union with his work over the last 12 months greatly improving engagement in student politics across the board. This year his policies include shortening wait times for counselling services, a night bus service and live gigs at the union to create a better student experience; Best of all, when questioned on how to achieve these policies, he gave in depth breakdowns how he sets out to achieve them.

VP Sport – Maddy Watson

Maddy has a high level of experience within the current sports executive and knows what the job entails. Her clear and relevant policies outlined with a path to delivering them set her above the pack. She has many contacts through her experience within Strathclyde Sport that will help her in the role, such as being in contact with the Nourish executive that has already said her policies relative to Nourish are possible, including a £3 meal deal.

VP Welfare – Kyle Scott

Kyle is an extremely active voice on campus that will make sure he fights for student rights’. His vast experience in working as a Union campaigns intern, and his background in social policy coupled with his activity within trade unions make him the perfect candidate for the role. He is incredibly passionate about student welfare and his policies around mental health, including extensions for students suffering from mental health issues would be a welcome addition to Strathclyde Union.

VP Education – Eyram Ahadzie

Eyram is the current Vice President of Education and has shown over the past year why she should hold the position for another session. Her successful track record and good communication with student reps have made her a very popular part of Strath Union this year. Her policies for 2019/2020 include better feedback and assessment practices as well as putting teaching and learning at the heart of the institution by bringing in more project-based learning.

VP Inclusion – Rachel Cairns

Rachel is a very approachable person that looks to bring new ideas into this new role in order to promote inclusivity. As a committee member for the Feminist Society and Vice President of Live Poets society she is heavily involved on campus. Her main policies include creating a Liberation Hub with drop-in monthly events for liberation and representative groups in order for them to connect with one another and collaborate as well as the “Own Voices Spotlight” project, where minority students will be able to send in their creative works – art, writing, poetry, – for exhibition.

VP Community – No Endorsement

After multiple votes and no clear majority, the election team came to the conclusion that there was no standout candidate in this years VP Community race.

Stay tuned for more coverage over the next week as we build up to Election Results 2019 on 8 March 2019

Voting opens tomorrow 5 March 2019 at 10am. 

By Strathclyde Telegraph Election Team