Live Review: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly at King Tut’s

I spy with my little eye, a gig that will be remembered by myself and many for a long time.

It has been four years since Sam Duckworth last released music under the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly moniker, but this year his return has been marked by the release of his latest album Adults.On Sunday, he and his seven-piece band took to the stage at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, playing to a diverse crowd ranging from young to old, newcomers to dedicated fans. The result? A performance full of energy that roused this sleepy Glasgow crowd.

The cosy ambience inside King Tut’s certainly did not reflect the gloomy weather outside. The opening song gave us a taste of the new album and the tone was set for the night’s blend of new and old when this seamlessly merged into the old classic; ‘An Oak Tree’. The night would follow a similar pattern, with both new and old melodies going down in perfect harmony.

Backed by an arrangement of instruments, the reworked classics took on a new energy without losing the raw vocal that is so intrinsically recognisable as the band’s sound. The inclusion of brass, in particular, was amazingly effective in bringing some of these songs back to life, ‘Collapsing Cities’ being a prime example of this. Crowd pleasers ‘I-Spy’ and ‘Call me Ishmael’ had the King Tut’s crowd in full voice and you could feel the nostalgia throughout the room, with some people literally jumping up and down. To be fair, it was hard not to do so, as the band were showing so much joy in their performance – one just wanted to join in.

As talented as the musicians are as a collective, it is when Duckworth strips the set back to just himself and his guitar that he really shines. A flawless acoustic of ‘Once More with Feeling’ produces one of the highlights of the night: “For I’d rather be a pebble in an ocean vast and drown alone than make no sound”.

The songs of old were not the only thing to look forward to on this tour, with the recently released Adults providing a whole load of new tracks. Recent single ‘Quite Right’ showcased the slight shift in direction and included a hooky riff, which is sure to stay with you long after the final chord of the night. Meanwhile, ‘Animate’ serves as proof that the band’s ability to produce a singalong chorus is as strong as ever.

This tour is nearing an end, with a handful of shows left to go throughout the UK but, judging by this show, I am hopeful Glasgow will see Sam Duckworth and his talented band again in the not too distant future.


By Daniella Theis