We’re Hiring! The Telegraph Elections are here!

Hey, hello and hi from everyone at the Strathclyde Telegraph. We’re happy to announce the elections for next year’s team are now OPEN!

Do you want to put your ideas into action? Maybe you’ve been watching from a-far, seeing things that ST could do more of? Maybe you’ve loved a section and want to see what it’s like being an editor? Or maybe, it’s been your dream to write for an award winning student paper?

Well now is your chance! We’re looking for a brand new team to keep up the incredible work we’ve been doing. And we want YOU!

The University of Strathclyde’s only newspaper, the Strathclyde Telegraph, is now in its 54th year of circulation, leaving behind it an impressive history of high quality journalism. Even winning Best Student Newspaper 2011 at the Herald Student Press Awards.

We’ve got the following positions to apply for:

Editor-in-Chief; focuses on overseeing the section editors, scheduling advertisement and organising regular meetings, Head of communication through email. Able to create fun events for journalism students. Head of the paper. Great position for someone who is motivated, well organised and focused.

Features Editor; focuses in depth articles, from culture to societal issues. Can include think=pieces, debate topics, politics and opinion. Attention to detail very important and the ability to understand complex subjects, in order to explain them to readers.

News Editor; focuses the breaking news, news of interest to Strathy students and political rulings or news. Must remain impartial. Great position for someone with their figure on the button, motivated and passionate on news.

Arts Editor; focuses on many forms of art, from theatre to books to photography. Think pieces and long reads on debates around arts. A great position for someone passionate about arts.

Film Editor; focuses on film, from coverage of the Glasgow Film Festival to the Edinburgh Fringe, to the films people need to see. A great position for anyone passionate on cinematography.

Lifestyle Editor; focuses on health, relationships, food, travel and beauty.  An inclusion for sports coverage is planned for next year as well. A great position for anyone passionate about lifestyle.

Music Editor; focuses on music, has the ability to gain press passes for gigs in Glasgow (subject to demand). In charge for creating a music section strong, reflecting the tastes of many. Includes interviews with singers and bands, reviews etc. Great position for anyone passionate about music.

Web Editor; focuses on the content and images used on the website, Caters the image of the website, uploading content and managing the online image of the newspaper. Responsible for the site, creating traffic etc. Great for anyone wanting to go into digital journalism or passionate about online journalism.

Social Media Editor; focuses on social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Oversees the social media plans to ensure online traffic on the site, by creating digital trends. Crafty with social media and with a distinct voice. A great position or someone who is social media savvy.

Layout Editor; focuses on creating the physical paper, designing the paper monthly and deciding the layout. A creative who likes turning their ideas into action. An experience of InDesign preferred, as that’s what the paper layout is created on. Great positon for anyone passionate on graphic design or illustration.

If you’ve got a passion for journalism, inspiring ideas as you read this and think you’ve got what it takes, then email the Editors-in-Chief at editor@strathclydetelegrph.com.

The elections will be open from now until the 27th of March. On the 29th of March, the elections will take place. Location TBC. Why not let us know you’re going on our Facebook election event?