Live Review: Nina Nesbitt at Glasgow Art School

November marked Nina Nesbitt’s homecoming, with a short three-date tour in celebration of her upcoming still-to-be-named second album ending in Glasgow at the Art School. Support act Goodie Grace, who features on one of Nina’s newest tracks ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, took to the stage for all of 20 minutes. The crowd seemed slightly disappointed as his mostly acoustic set did well to set the mood for Nina coming onstage, and the show times stated he would be on for 30 minutes. However, the young lad evidently charmed his way into many of the girls’ hearts as by the third and fourth songs screams could be heard amongst the crowd.

Then it was time for the main event. Most of Nina’s setlist consisted of new songs which is always a risky move – singing along is one of the best parts of any gig so when the crowd have never heard the bulk of the material there is risk of a dead audience. In this case however, it worked to the Scot’s advantage. Opening with one of the new tracks, ‘Sacred’, the quiet was embraced as the audience focused intently on the new lyrics. Following that was ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, where despite tearing up mid-song – she tweeted after the show: “Sorry for my emotional breakdown during Moments but you were all so wonderful tonight” – she showed Glasgow that she was back with new music and was better than ever.

After fan favourites ‘The Apple Tree’ and ‘Stay Out’ she broke out into two more unheard tracks, ‘Empire’ and ‘Colder’, before the audience could sing along again to ‘The Best You Had’, ‘Chewing Gum’ and ‘Ontario’.  Another new track, a personal favourite of mine, was ‘Loyal To Me’, one of three final songs. While it was played acoustically, there is a chance it will not be that way on the album as Nesbitt stated. With a catchy chorus, it had me wishing I knew the words already to sing along. There was a unity felt between everybody, whether it was in response to a fan favourite or a new song performed. Whether it was everybody singing together or listening intently to previously-unheard lyrics, the room was one.

At the set’s close, the audience naturally chanted for “one more tune” and, seconds later, a leopard print-clad Nina re-emerged. With no songs prepared for an encore it was up to the fans to choose. The selected songs were ‘Boy’ and ‘Mr C’ and with four fans onstage singing along, it was the perfect end to a great show. Nina’s voice is undeniably incredible and she’s one of those artists that sounds exactly as she does live as she does on record.

The new tracks were an indicator as to both how great and how different Nina’s sophomore album will likely be. Think not as many acoustic numbers as her 2014 album Peroxide and more of a chart-friendly pop sound. However, there is still plenty of aspects from the “old Nina” that can be heard in these new tracks, particularly lyrically.

The new album is expected for release in spring 2018.

By Elijah Holland