30 Reasons Not to See a Play….

Well, let’s see.

1. The tickets are cheap. Really cheap (£6 at the door)- I mean it’s like they were made for university students. And if you buy them online then they’re even cheaper! Now why would anyone like that?

2. This play in particular will be performed by a bunch of talented actors, who have vast experience of theatre work, so it’s bound to be amateurish isn’t it?

Let’s just skip to reason 30: it’ll be performed in the Strathclyde University Union. That means a place with affordable tasty food, a venue within walking distance of the university campus and, potentially the most important factor, easy access to alcohol.

Am I convincing you not to see this play? I hope not!

It’s that time of year again when Re-Act put on their annual Christmas show and this time the cast are performing Alan Heahnel’s hilarious contemporary play, ’30 Reasons Not To Be in a Play.’ Directed by Jessica Paris and assisted by Jennifer Howie, the duo promise that it’ll be an amazing show with something for everyone! Re-Act also have another super duo team, who are in charge of backstage; Natalie Drysdale and Ronan Cassidy! Both  have experienced the trauma that is backstage but they’re back and ready to prepare another show.

Re-Act is a student-run theatre group, which aims to give students the confidence and opportunities to improve their acting, sound/lighting and directing skills. Previous plays performed by Re-Act include: Kill Me Deadly, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan; profits from the plays go to charity, and this time proceeds will be going to the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Everyone in the team manages to balance uni work, rehearsals and life (only just!) and we are determined to put on a comical show this Christmas.

So take a break from exam revision and come laugh with us (or at us) on 1st December 7.00pm at the Strathclyde Student Union because, let’s be honest, you’ve got plenty of reasons to.

By Zainab Hayat