Glaswegians show solidarity with Irish pro-choice protestors

A crowd of supporters, gathered at Buchanan Galleries steps standing up for reproductive rights in Ireland, last Saturday.

The Pro abortion protesters demanded the repeal of the 8th amendment in the Republic of Ireland and a repeal of the abortion legislation in Northern Ireland.

Solidarity marches were held internationally, just days after the Irish Prime Minister announced a referendum on Irish Abortion laws.


Dominique Twomey, who had joined Glasgow’s march for the second time from Ireland, said: “I’m pro choice and I don’t believe people have to necessarily be pro-abortion, but I could never believe I could make that decision for another woman – I think it’s my body and it’s my choice.”

A number of organisations joined in support, among them the Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, a Trade Union Movement based in Glasgow and London. Also Green Party’s Patrick Harvey expressed support for the audience, agreeing with the speakers stating: “push more, demand more – the Irish women deserve more”.

Ireland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. Under the current law a woman convicted of having an illegal termination may face up to 14 years in prison. The UN has stated the current law is “inhuman and degrading” for Irish women, of whom 12 travel daily to the United Kingdom to access abortions.

Glasgow was not the only city to hold a solidarity demonstration, as women all around the world campaigned for Irish women’s reproductive rights last Saturday.

The Eight Amendment, which denies an abortion unless it threatens the life of the mother, was included to the Irish constitution after a referendum in 1983.

In Ireland rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities are not circumstances in which an abortion could be performed legally. Ireland’s current Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Leo Varadkar, has promised a referendum on the matter in May or June 2018.

By Suvi Loponen