Welcome to the New Year

Hello! If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’re a student reading this (probably), about to be sucked into another new year of academia. Welcome!

Photo credit- Jade Esson Photography
I am more enthused than I look here, trust me. Photo credit: Jade Esson Photography

Strap yourself in and get comfortable because I’m sure this year will be everything you need it to be and more. In this issue, we aim to introduce you to our excellent team of writers, in which we cover topics both big and small, local and international — all from the viewpoint of us humble Strathclyde students

I, personally, have wrote about the saviour that is the student counselling and support system and how it has helped me throughout a particularly tough time through my third year of study. This is just one article alongside many, including the return of the great Louise Ramsay’s column As I Was Saying in our Features section, various pieces that explores many genres in Music, on the button News stories, lots of independent coverage of the Edinburgh Film Festival in Arts and a fascinating introduction to our new Lifestyle section, which has absorbed the previous Health and Wellbeing and Sports sections.

We are always looking for more scoops, insights, viewpoints, stories and voices. If you’d like to get involved, we have a contributor page on Facebook, click join and answer the relevant questions to ensure that we can verify you and add you in. We also have a brand spanking new website (hello! You’re on it right now! Isn’t it pretty?) and a beautiful new logo that’s been designed by us by our pals at the Strathclyde Union. You can also find us on Facebook under Strathclyde Telegraph, on Twitter at @StrathTelegraph, and Instagram as @strathclydetelegraph.

If you follow us on our socials, thank you! We hope you are enthused about our publication as we are.

Alisa Wylie

Shout out to the song above for inspiring the title of this editorial.