Kill Me, Deadly! – a play by ReAct

By Callum McDade

Re-Act Theatre Society is starting to prepare for their next play, ‘Kill Me, Deadly!’, showing in Vertigo on 7th and 8th April.

‘Kill Me Deadly!’ by Bill Robens is a parody on the crime noir genre, telling the story of the best detective in L.A., Charlie Nickels, and his investigation into the theft of the Bengal Diamond and the resultant string of bodies left behind. Along the way Charlie meets a lot of different characters, most unique of them all being Mona Livingstone, a true femme fatale in every way. The show takes the audience on a great ride with its humour, action and romance.

Re-Act’s production of ‘Kill Me, Deadly!’ sees director Craig Edmond helping out again, after previously helping to co-direct two shows with Re-Act, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Edmond showed his excitement for the show when he said, “Kill Me, Deadly! is a brilliantly written play. Bill Robens does a great job of taking these crime noir tropes and stereotypes and mashing them intelligently into a piece that’s every bit as charming as it is funny.”

This is the first show that Edmond will be tackling solo with Re-Act, when asked about this he said, “There is more pressure in making sure you’re covering all bases perhaps and there’s a bigger workload.” However, despite this, Edmond shows that he is determined to make sure this show is as great as the ones previous to it when he said, “There are always things to improve on and having time to reflect, I feel, has made me more prepared to face the challenges and pressures this show has to offer.”

Re-Act is clearly looking to make this show a particularly special one! Tickets can be bought online on the Strathclyde Union website for £5 per ticket or £6 at the door on the nights it will be running. For more details, follow Re-Act on Facebook, Twitter, @ReActStrathUni, Instagram, ReAct.Strath, and Snapchat, ReAct.Snap.