Why go Sober for October?

Sober October-Picture

By Adil Abbasi

Go Sober for October, as stated on their website, encourages people to go booze-free for the 31 days of October in order to raise money for Macmillian Cancer Support. Why take part? Becoming a Soberhero, as they call it, focuses on the health and financial benefits. Refraining from drink in the name of charity will not only increase your energy levels but it will also allow you to avoid those gruelling hangovers and keep your bank balance looking well-nourished.

But, can we manage it? A whole month with very little or no drink. It can be challenging but also highly rewarding. As someone who doesn’t drink anymore but previously enjoyed a drink now and again, I myself have noticed the benefits and drawbacks. For one, lack of drinking can sometimes lead to lack of a social life and, as a student, this can be difficult water to navigate. How many of us have gone on a night out, promised ourselves we wouldn’t be drinking but then been tempted by our pals round of Jagerbombs? Going teetotal is not without its challenges but it certainly has its advantages.

Sometimes consistently being the party animal can have damaging effects on your studies. It’s the norm that the day after drinking is always a write off, you’re hanging and the prospect of tackling any work is unthinkable. All you are wanting is an Irn bru. I have been sober for two years now and I still maintain a social life. Do I have fun? Of course. Do I feel awkward around my drunken friends? Not anymore.  It’s hard at first being the only person who’s gone completely booze free, but you soon don’t even think about it, and your friends will probably thank you for acting as babysitter for the night.

Believe it or not you don’t NEED to drink in order to have a social life. Think? Are you doing this because this is what you want to do or are you doing to avoid judgement from our peers. Plenty of people still try to get me drinking on nights out but I always tell them that it’s my choice. Sober October can be quite difficult for those who are used to drinking and socialising with the presence of alcohol but it can be a good opportunity for your health and bank balance. Since I stopped drinking I noticed how much money I had managed to save. The health benefits are obvious; we all know about how excessive drinking causes liver damage, so maybe going sober will be a welcomed break. The longer you continue not drinking the less it will become something you think about and worry over. Going teetotal is not social suicide, I promise.

Sober October is certainly a very good campaign. Not only is it helping charity but it will also allow you to help yourself. At the end of the day you might find it all the easier to go sober, that looming 4000-word essay doesn’t seem so bad with a fresh head.}