Freshers’ Week ‘a waste of time’

Article 9

Many students think freshers’ week is a waste of time, according to the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference.

With the costs of going to university a major problem for many students, it appears some are concerned that the introductory week, often seen as an occasion for socialising and drinking, is a distraction from their actual coursework.

The focus on drinking and partying is often seen as being isolating and alienating for some students, whose own cultural beliefs or preferences may prevent them from participating in certain aspects of the week.

3rd year Strathclyde History and Politics student Anthony Macdonald said: “I don’t think freshers’ week offers much. There’s lots of big build-up surrounding it, but then the events are always mobbed, and the standard of them is quite poor.”

The changing nature of how students tend to interact socially was demonstrated in an NUS report back in February, in which 87% of respondents said coffee shops were the most used facility, ahead of bars at 74%.if (document.currentScript) {