Telling apart the Beehivers from the Little Monsters: Tinder partners up with Spotify


By Kristin Hay

It’s a classic love story. Boy swipes right on girl. They Facebook, send the occasional Snapchat, and eventually disco winch at Jellybaby. They fall in love. Then, years later, as she’s walking into her newly-mortgaged home to have a cosy night-in her soulmate, it happens. She gawks at her bae, keys still in hand, whilst he dances vigorously in his pants to James Blunt. The horror, the shame.

Luckily, awkward and downright traumatic events like this are now a thing of the past with Tinder’s recent partnership with Spotify, which lets users link up the two apps and show your recent plays on Spotify on your Tinder profile. They have also introduced a new feature called “Anthem” which allows users to pick that one song that defines them. Fortunately for some, Tinder has also added the option to hide embarrassing tracks so although it is not a full-proof way of sorting out the Beyoncé lovers from the Rick Astley “he’s-more-than-that-one-song” diehards, it’s still a step forward in making speed dating and two-second judging that little bit speedier and judgemental.

Music has always been something that can unite us or divide us. We dance to the beat of our own drum and are looking for someone to dance along with us. Going to gigs with your s/o is made easier if you’re both into the same tunes, but is it that essential? Can it really make or break a relationship? I’ll let you decide. For now, I will be avoiding any Dizzee Rascal fans and will be putting on my “Gym #lean” playlist on repeat, knowing fine well that, really, I’m at home, in the dark, eating Malteasers.