What I’ll Be Watching This Summer

By Kerri Mackenzie, Arts Editor

I can’t wait for summer. In a few weeks time I will finally be able to binge watch tv shows and go to the cinema and not feel guilty because I should have been completing assignments or studying for exams. Here is a list of things that I’ll be really looking forward to watching this summer completely guilt free:

Orange is the New Black:

I love Orange is the New Black. There is nothing that I don’t enjoy about it; its dramatic and its funny and now that it’s on series three I feel like I have really got to know the characters and can’t wait to see what they do next.  The fact that it starts back on June the 12th, a few weeks after exams finish, is an absolute gift from the God’s because I will be able to watch it back-to-back and not have to worry about silly little things like getting enough sleep to be up for my 9am lectures.

Pretty Little Liars:

Whilst I am still a total PLL addict, I’m a bit wary of it starting back on June the 2nd. I feel like it is already far-fetched enough and after the season 5 Finale I am even less sure about the direction that the show is taking. But I’ve stuck with it this far and since Netflix only releases 1 episode a week it is not too big of a commitment.

The Merchant City Festival:

I’ve been to the festival a few years in a row now and if the weather is good then it is a cracking day out for all ages. This year it will be running from Saturday the 25th of July to Sunday the 2nd of August. The Blackfriars stage has a wide selection of bands and singers and there is comedy, a market, fashion shows and performance art.

Spy, starring Mellissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham:

I know that Mellissa McCarthy plays basically the same character in every film but Spy looks hilarious and since it comes out on June the 5th (right after my last exam), I’ll be heading to the cinema for a bit of escapist fun.

Paper Towns and Pan:

Both of these films have Cara Delevingne in them and I love her so already I am looking forward to it. Paper Towns is another John Green book turned in to  movie and while I’m not really a big fan of his work it is a solid 90 minutes of staring longingly at the majestic beauty that is Cara. Pan, on the other hand, I’m interested in more for the story. As a child, Peter Pan was one of my favourite stories and I am always interested in any retelling of such a familiar story.

I’m not even going to mention all the books that I plan on reading this summer. I’ve got a reading list as long as my arm but the chances are I’ll just re-read Harry Potter for the first couple of weeks then get cracking on the more high-brow stuff. After a year of English lit, delving back into the magical world of Owls and Hogwarts is as comforting as a nice pair of slippers and a hot bath.}