Film Review: The Rewrite

The Rewrite


By Nicola McFadyen
Film rating: 3/5

Hugh Grant plays Hugh Grant in this lovable, if tellingly predictable film, “The Rewrite.” The film follows an out of work script writer, who has suffered after writing one of the most popular films of the century, and instead takes up a job as a writer in residence at a college, where his class consists of a fashion parade of beautiful girls, and the several token nerds required to make up the numbers.

And so ensues the most predictable part of the whole film; Grant starts sleeping with a student and then ends up falling for the middle aged woman who has come back to college to better herself, while single handedly raising two children, working in a bookshop and being right about everything, naturally. While there is little to none actual originality to the script, and Hugh Grant does nothing that he hasn’t done before, the film is charming and it is easily to fall deeply into the story; I found myself really beginning to care about the scripts the characters were writing, especially that of the films token kooky, off the wall character, whose film seemed to revolve around a killer Rabbi- interesting, to say the least, as well as willing Grant’s character to call his estranged son.

Overall, it was a standard piece of easy watching- typical rom-com fodder, and while it’s nothing we as viewers haven’t seen a thousand million times before, and with an ending that might leave viewers waiting for more, it was mighty enjoyable nonetheless- although I really am a sucker for Hugh Grant’s beautiful British accent!} else {