Guide to the Commonwealth Games

By Lily Donaldson

Many have been questioning the popularity of the Commonwealth Games as they approach this year. The enormous success of the London 2012 Olympics only two years ago, combined with the record viewing figures of this year’s World Cup in Brazil, has threatened to overshadow the 20th games to be held in Glasgow from the 23rd July to 3rd August.

However, with this skepticism that the games could be anything close to what was experienced in Great Britain in 2012 comes hope. A hope that we could once again fill our country with national pride. In order to do this, making the games accessible to everyone is key.

Here is my budget guide:

Attracting the most people to the Commonwealth Games as possible will help the atmosphere and encourage others to watch and attend themselves. However, for many, affording to attend such a high profile event can be difficult. Therefore, making them accessible to those who are on a budget is crucial.

The best way to get a ticket to one of the sporting events is through the official site as the tickets are unable to be resold, so buying secondhand is not an option. To save money, attend some of the less popular events.

Here is my venue guide:

When it comes to travel, booking in advance and taking public transport is the advised way to get to the games in order to save money. Transport in and out of Glasgow from other big cities is straight forward and shuttle buses are also available to prevent you from having to use your car.

Lastly, accommodation can be expensive and will often put people off from attending. Fortunately, Glasgow is excellent when it comes to places to stay and there are some high-end hotels, as well as more reasonably priced ones for those on a budget. For the younger generation, staying in a hostel or sofa surfing is a unique way to experience the games without spending a lot of cash.}