SnowSports hit slopes at Val Thorens

Strathclyde University’s Snow Sports club travelled to Val Thorens in the French Alps for their annual skiing and snowboarding trip. The Telegraph caught up with President of the Snow Sports Club, Andrew Brown, to see how the trip went:

“Val Thorens was amazing!” commented the president.

“With 197 great people out in resort it’s hard not to have an amazing time. This has been one of my favourite trips to the Alps, the weather and conditions were fantastic and the nights out were even better. I definitely have a tonne of great memories from this trip!” 

Continuing in great student style, the club travelled to France by bus and the Product Design Engineering student recollects how daunting the journey actually can be:

“The bus journey took around 30hrs but it’s not the journey out that feels long as everyone is getting to know each other and chatting away on the bus.

“It’s the bus back where everyone isn’t feeling their best, with everyone starting to get the holiday blues and a week of drinking and throwing themselves down a slope at up to 70mph starts to catch up with them that’s when you realise how long a journey it really is.

“But it’s definitely worth it!”
Not only does the club go skiing and snowboarding down the Alps throughout the day, but the club are not afraid of a crazy night out:

“Throughout the week every night was a great night, you can’t expect to come on a ‘StrathSnow’ holiday and spend a night in your room – some of the best nights were the themed nights.

“Our first themed night was a rubix cube themed night, you have to wear all 6 colours of a rubix cube and your aim is to come home at the end of the night wearing only one colour.

“It lead to some…..interesting combos of clothing when people switch clothes but it’s a great night to get to know everyone because it forces you to talk to new people just so you can swap your shoes for their t-shirt or whatever colour you’re aiming for.”

“Another theme we had which was hilarious was the 90s Rave theme.” Added the fourth year student.

“With nearly 200 people dressed like Kevin and Perry in full kappa tracksuits it doesn’t make the bar you’re filling look like the nicest of establishments and the majority of us would have been turned away from most nightclubs in Glasgow; but in the alps they understand fancy dress is a big part of a student holiday.

“Some even enhanced their characters image with the classic wet look gel five spiked fringe hair style, fantastically sported by a greasy Craig Wallace!”
“I am actually a product of the ‘StrathSnow’ beginner lessons. I had never skied or snowboarded my whole life until it came to 2nd year at university and since I’ve always been really sporty when the opportunity to learn how to snowboard was put forward to me took it!

“I had three 2hr lessons at the Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre out next to Bellahouston and after learning the very basics I booked onto the winter trip to Avoriaz only knowing about 3 people on the trip.

“I enjoyed myself so much and picked up so much on my first trip I fell in love with the sport and lifestyle!”

“That summer when it was time to elect a new committee I wanted to be part of it, so I ran for Lessons Captain and won the vote.” added the Masters student.

“I even applied to be a ski rep taking away other universities on their trips and helping them run their holidays and I’ve had a great time on all my weeks working in the Alps.

“This year as president has been a great responsibility and it’s great to see how the club has really thrived over the last couple years, especially when it comes to numbers on the holiday going from 107 people on my first trip to Avoriaz two years ago to 197 people in Val Thorens!

“The committee have really put in the effort this year as a team and it shows when we are doing so well, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the clubs future over the next few years!”