Halloween Poetry

Image Credit: David Meindrey via Unsplash

Happy Halloween!

This spooky batch of poetry was created by more of our talented poets!

The only prompt was ‘Halloween’, and our poets were free to write any free verse or structured poetry of their choosing.

Ballad of The Banshee

by Zoe McMorran

Outside the farmyard window

In the blackened sky

Flies a hag with silver hair

Upon a broomstick high

I look through the foggy pane,

Hear the one with bloodshot eyes

Swoop through violent rain and gail

Scream a mournful wail.

She points her crooked, cracked black nails

Towards the glass between us

Dry lips cry a shocking scream

As I sit awake from my dream

Drenched in sweat, I weep for solace;

from the banshee’s cries I cannot run.

For the hag at the end of my bed says my name

Through her blackened tongue.

Left Behind

By Zoe McMorran

The day the sky turned black

The streets were still bright

Illuminated blue and white

By every shop and street light

Vibrations shook every tower and steeple

Windows shattered and glass fell

As the beast from below – the evil of people

Rose up from hell

The bruised earth, infected and bulbous

cracked and snagged at the claws of darkness

flames roared, soared through earth’s pores

as the ones left behind locked their doors

Down every street

lies the rags from those who were

lifted, gifted enough for his almighty call

whilst the cries of terror from corrupted souls and sinners

echo through the streets

as those from below begin to crawl

Into windows of bastard children and unbaptised babes

as they lay

unsuspecting of the pain they must pay

Blood from hell’s core drips from his teeth – broken and black

humans on earth are entrapped and forced to attack

God’s angels who fly down from heaven

this is the beginning

of Armageddon.


By Rachel Cronin

My tools were strewn across the slab

With the body I was to maim

I eased my knife into his skull

To start my wicked game

I hollowed him out real good-

Scooped out his flesh and meat

As string bits squelched between fingers

the ritual was complete

A gruesome face became him

His corpse glowed orange and warm

When I placed him on my mantelpiece

And displayed his sickening form