Our Team

Calum and LouEditors-in-Chief
Louise Ramsay and Calum Henderson
Contact: editor@strathclydetelegraph.com

StrathTelegraph-19News Editor
Titi Farukuoye
Contact: news@strathclydetelegraph.com

StrathTelegraph-10Features Editor
Tommaso Giacomini
Contact: features@strathclydetelegraph.com

IMG_7252Arts Editor
John Anthony Disotto
Contact: arts@strathclydetelegraph.com

Georgia editedMusic Editor
Georgia Curran
Contact: music@strathclydetelegraph.com

Lifestyle Editor
Charlene McElhinney
Contact: lifestyle@strathclydetelegraph.com

StrathTelegraph-50Web Editor
Iqra Farooq
Contact: web@strathclydetelegraph.com

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 16.00.45Layout Editor
Natalie Bello
Contact: layout@strathclydetelegraph.com

Portraits kindly taken by Yacine Benrahal, Suvi Loponen, and Cameron Swanson of The Strathclyde Photo Club.