Mrs Rock and Roll: Amy MacDonald Hits The Hydro Stage ⭑⭑⭑⭑

By Niamh Bloomer

taken by Niamh

Friday night saw Glasgow’s very own, Amy MacDonald play a rescheduled sell-out hometown gig at The Hydro, alongside her wonderful backing band.

The Hudson singer with her iconic acoustic guitar, born only 5 and a half miles away in Bishopbriggs, started the show with “We could be so much more”, the 6th track from her new album The Human Demands, with a dazzling background display of mountains and landscapes which paid homage to Scotland. Swaying through a catalogue of 15 years of music and 5 studio albums, amazing Amy played new hits such as “Statues” and “Dream on”, however, she took the crowd back to when she was 19, playing the lively “Mr Rock and Roll” and “This is the Life” which brought the arena audience on to their feet, with 14,000 fans jigging with joy, and an added touch of raining confetti, a symbolism of Amy”s glittering personality, the party was in full swing now.

Amy provided a playful and heart-warming chat with the audience throughout the gig, talking with comfort just like it was a crowd filled with her family and friends. She joked to the crowd about how much she had changed since releasing her first album, as she pointed out she now drinks honey and lemon tea on stage, gesturing towards the mug with her own name across it. But it can always be said, that now at 34 and playing the biggest sold-out arena in Scotland, Amy still plays with emotion for her fans just like she did when she 19.

She took to the stage to perform an emotional encore of a stripped-back version of “Never too late” accompanied by just her piano player, casually joking that she was doing her very best Adele. Then moved on to “Down by the water” before letting the evening go out with a bang by finishing with “Let’s Start a Band” with the help of her talented band and stage crew.

Amy addressed all 14,000 of her fans last night as legends, those fans gave thanks to her exceptional music, songwriting, singing and charisma. Amy showed that she is very much this City’s Mrs Rock and Roll.