It’s That Time of Year Again. ST Elections 2019

With Strath Elections coming to a close it’s now time for our very own elections here at Strathclyde Telegraph!

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in putting together a newspaper and running an online website at one of Strathclyde’s oldest societies then now is your chance!

We’re hiring for the following positions:

All positions at Strathclyde Telegraph are open to students of the University of Strathclyde for the academic year 2019/2020. No prior experience is needed but general knowledge of how to edit articles and provide feedback is necessary.

Editor-in-Chief: focuses on overseeing the section editors, organising regular meetings and pushing the direction of the paper towards new heights. Able to create fun events for journalism students and other students looking to get involved with student journalism. Head of the paper and a great position for someone who is motivated, well organised and focused.

Sub Editor: Second in command, helps the EIC run the paper by contributing to the overall direction of content. This role requires a team player that wants to help the paper strive across the board.

Layout Editor: focuses on creating the physical paper, designing the paper around the editions’ themes. This is a great position to put illustrations into print and to bring your ideas to life. Knowledge of InDesign is a must.

Features Editor: focuses on in depth articles, from culture to societal issues including think-pieces, debate topics, politics and opinion based articles. Attention to detail is very important and the ability to understand complex subjects, in order to explain them to readers.

News Editor: focuses on the breaking news around campus and what’s of interest to Strathclyde students. A great position for someone who is motivated and passionate about news.

Arts & TV Editor: focuses on a variety of different art forms. From theatre to books to photography. Think pieces and reviews about anything revolving around arts & tv

Film Editor: focuses on film, from coverage of the Glasgow Film Festival to the films people need to see. A great position for anyone passionate about film and cinematography but also finding a way to connect with the general readership.

Music Editor: focuses on music, has the ability to gain press passes for gigs in Glasgow (subject to demand). In charge of creating a diverse music section that, reflects the tastes of many. Includes interviews with singers and bands, reviews etc.

Podcast Editor: We started a podcast this year at ST, this role involves maintaining recording equipment and recording the Strathclyde Telegraph Podcast, the format is up to you!

Those who are elected will work beside the current editorial team in preparing the last edition of this semester due for release on 1 May 2019

Nominations will be open from now until the 23 March 2019.

Elections will take place on the 25 March 2019 in Strathclyde Students’ Union (Location TBC). If you want to run, please nominate yourself with the position you wish to apply for via email: