Candidates: VP Community

The VP Community has the largest field out of the big six positions at the Strath Elections 2019. No fewer than five candidates are vying for the position that represents the interests of clubs and societies. The VP Community will also be expected to push environmental issues and will promote collaboration amongst students, staff and others in the university community.

But who’s running and what do they stand for? Here is the Strathclyde Telegraph’s guide to the five candidates running, their background, and the key policies relevant to clubs and societies.

Benn Rapson


Rapson’s policy-heavy manifesto suggests improvements to the union booking process to prevent double bookings. He has a particular focus on policies that would benefit student halls such as establishing an affordable student village supermarket, meaning those staying in halls may not need to climb ‘Mount Stratherest’ whilst carrying heavy bags of groceries. He has also suggested opening the union earlier on Saturday, benefitting societies that may require extended opening hours, and several incentives for the Mature Students Association.

Erica Oxley


Oxley is a second-year PDE student involved in the Strath Photo Club, Fusion Radio and even fundraising for the Alumni Fund. She also suggests improvements to the Union booking system, a rent cap on university-owned halls, and the transformation of Rottenrow Gardens into a community hub. Oxley also plans to expand the e-bikes rental programme, allowing for efficient transport around campus and the city.

Kayla-Megan Burns


Burns has experience as the current president of the Bands at Strathclyde Society and as a former Biomedical Science class representative. She aims to provide common rooms for all university departments to ease the hectic library group floor. She also encourages the development of the Rottenrow Gardens Project and other environmental strategies carried out by the university and will continue action to divest from fossil fuels.

Claire Getchell


Getchell has been involved in a range of societies throughout her four years at Strathclyde including being president of the Trading Cards Games Society. Her manifesto promises include university funded first aid training and a greater variety of acts and events for Freshers’ week – future freshers wouldn’t have to suffer through Cascada the way we did. Getchell also wants more kettles and microwaves across campus.

Daniel Awomuku


Awomuku currently serves as the Union Democracy and Policy officer. He wants to collaborate with other union officers to organise programmes on the environment. Awomuku promises expansion of CV checking, scholarship and job shop programmes. His other policies include the introduction of variety shows and increased funding for mental health programs, which he says will come from engagement with external stakeholders.

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Voting opens at 10:00 am on Tuesday 5th March 2019.

By Alex Manley