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Warming the soul: a great soup recipe

By Laura Conaghan, Health and Wellbeing editor (@LauraPB)

It’s officially scarf and woolly hat weather. I have found myself craving heat, physically and emotionally… my soul and stomach are seeking warmth.

There is nothing quite like some winter recipes that not only will keep those vitamins topped up but also, if you invest in a decent flask, help you to avoid the extortionate prices of certain canteens in certain study places around university that I’m almost sure I can’t explicitly state.

Simple but effective, carrot and butternut squash soup:

Now we have the ingredients, battle stations please.

This is for the vegetables that sit looking limp in the fridge, rejuvenate your celery.




Add some bacon in if you want to add to that technicality score. Paul would be proud, as would David.

I felt that chicken soup for the soul would have been too obvious a headline. Making soup is not only quick but the ingredients can also be bought relatively cheaply. If you’re feeling extra adventurous why not make some homemade bread for the dipping action. Is soup really complete without a dip?

Tomato bread is a personal favourite of mine that works well with practically all soup. The O negative blood of the soup and bread combo. This is not gluten friendly. I can sense feelings of horror and distaste amongst the west end populous already.


Raising the dough:

If all else fails, Tesco do a really good pre-made tomato bread that only requires water. It’s still technically homemade.

Hope you try some winter warmers, happy dipping.if (document.currentScript) {