My TV Box Set Family

hannah wong

By Hannah Wong


It’s 9pm on a Monday night and I’m feeling nervous and uneasy. I’m writhing on the sofa because I’m so uncomfortable. I’m worried. ‘Uncle’ Rick and a group of our close family friends are about to enter a precarious situation. At this moment they are planning to execute a dangerous infiltration of a camp they’ve only just heard of. They are following the knowledge of newbie who guided them in to this unknown place. I can shout at them or look away or suggest what they should do. But what’s the use. They can’t hear my pleas. It’s like I don’t exist.

And indeed I don’t. Not to them.

They themselves don’t even exist and only exist through the talents of others. Which makes me particularly jealous that I can’t pretend to be someone else.

They’re not my family either but they may as well be. I’m too emotionally involved in the well-being of pretend people.

After every episode I so desperately want to know if they are okay. Or I’m completely distraught about that time Glenn almost died. I mean they’ve been through hell and…. well, back to a lesser hell. But there is always the possibility of your favourite character who has just grown on you getting mauled and devoured or murdered by crazed survivors of the apocalypse. And it’s with great relief when you finally find out your fave is still alive.

Whenever I’m stressed over my own predicaments I always look to The Walking Dead and think, meh, it’s all not so bad. It could be a lot worse.

I guess that’s what TV is made to do: distract you from reality and welcome you into entire new world. You are oblivious to what’s going on in the real world. You can easily forget the pots and pans that are left in the sink, the cursor on your laptop, blinking, waiting for you to continue your essay, or that email you were meant to send days ago. Heck, sometimes TV makes you late for work, uni or even a date.

 The Walking Dead is part of my family of my favourite TV Box Sets who I can turn to for comfort, distraction, warmth, love, advice and laughter. But just like any other family, we have our ups and downs because of our frequent arguments, particularly with our reality. They have influenced my way of thinking about relationships just like any parent if there’s a guy or girl they’re not so sure about you seeing, or generally making you feel bad which is what big brothers or sisters love doing, right? So let me introduce you to a few of mine…

I turn to Sex and the City or Girls search for relationship advice or ideas or comfort for when things go awry. Plus, it makes for easy watching and not much brain power. Grey’s Anatomy, you’re in it for relationship advice too but you have more drama and a McDreamy.

I have to admit I do have a warped sense of how relationships should be. Nothing is as romantic as it is made out to be on TV and I have to say I’m a little jealous that real life can’t reach the unrealistic once in a while.


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