Volunteer Profile: Rachel Drysdale

volunteer- rachel

Name: Rachel Drysdale

Age: 20 (although if this gets posted after 17th of March then I’m 21)

Year of Study: Third Year


Short Bio:

I grew up in a small Scottish town called Stranraer until I moved to Glasgow to study Mathematics at Strathclyde.  Aside from maths, I love the arts, such as dance, theatre and music.  I have been volunteering for the past 2 years.


Area of volunteering/societies:

Last year I was Head Choreographer of the Dance Society, and this year I am the President.


What inspired you to volunteer:

Dancing has been a hobby of mine since I was 5 years old, and I was determined to not give up on it just because I was moving to university.  I was delighted to find that Strathclyde had a dance society and quickly became a part of it.  The then-committee inspired me to volunteer.  I didn’t know many people when I moved to Glasgow, and the committee made me feel very welcome and included.  Some of the people I met through the dance society are now some of my best friends.


Why should others volunteer:

Personally, studying maths, I knew that if I didn’t have some other extra-curricular activity then I would have gone crazy.  Volunteering has given me some much-needed relief from my course.  Volunteering is very beneficial in that you develop your existing skills and acquire new ones, without even realising you’ve done so.  At the end of the year you realise that you’ve grown as a person and you’re more confident in yourself and your abilities.  It’s also very satisfying knowing that you’ve helped to make a positive impact on other people’s university experiences.

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